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The Mulpha Real Estate Debt Fund is an unregistered, wholesale Australian unit trust established in 2014. The Fund provides Unitholders with the opportunity to access returns from a diversified portfolio of Australian real estate-related investments of a debt financing nature, fixed income and cash, and aims to deliver attractive risk-adjusted returns to Unitholders.

Mulpha is one of Australia’s most experienced real estate and hospitality investors, with highly specialised operational management and development capabilities. The group also has an extensive Australian portfolio of real estate, property development, hospitality, education, retirement and infrastructure assets.

Mulpha has over 30 years’ real estate investment experience in Australia, with a team of over 80 real estate and hospitality professionals.


The Fund is targeting a return of 8-10% per annum (after all fees and expenses but before tax).

Why invest in Mulpha Real Estate Debt Fund?

8-10% pa

Target Return1

1st Ranking

Currently over 90% of investments
held in the portfolio are senior debt,
secured by a first mortgage


Manager alignment in
aggregate via co-investment
and Liquid Facility2

Below 65%

Loan to value ratio supported by
third-party valuations3


Year of establishment and nearly
operational for a decade

Over 30 years

Real estate experience
in Australia

Over 80

Experienced real estate and
hospitality professionals


Nil capital losses since

Monthly Liquidity

Supported by a
Liquid Facility4


Target distribution


All establishment fees received are
for the benefit of the Fund6

0% WHT

For foreign investors on certain
investments made by the Fund,
subject to section 128F compliance7

  1. Target return is not guaranteed.
  2. Refer sections 5.3 and 6.6 of the Information Memorandum for further details.
  3. As at 31 December 2023. The loan to value ratio is subject to change.
  4. Mulpha via its subsidiary has provided a AUD 5 million as a Liquidity Facility (as described in section 5.3 of the Information Memorandum) to support monthly liquidity. Liquidity is not guaranteed.
  5. Refer to section 5 of the Information Memorandum.
  6. MFM may review this at its discretion, which may include where MFM decides to originate loans in its own right.
  7. Tax exemptions not guaranteed and are subject to legislative change or changes in which the way laws are applied. Please see further information at sections 7 and 8 of the Information Memorandum.
  8. Unless stated otherwise, the information above is current as at 29 February 2024.

Fund Performance

The total return1 of the Fund up to 31 December 2023:


since 31 Oct 20162


for the last 12
months from
Dec 2022


(annualised)3 since
30 Jun 2023

  1. Return above is calculated in accordance with principles of FSC Guidance Note No. 46, based on Unit Price of the Fund, and quoted in per annum before tax but after fees. The figures represent the past performance of the Fund and may be different from a particular investor’s actual investment return calculated based on their relevant investment period. Past performance is not indicative of future performance and no guarantee of future returns is implied or given. Any forecast is subject to change.
  2. 31 October 2016 is the first date on which the Fund’s NAV and Unit Price calculation commenced.
  3. Annualised half-year total return.

Asset Allocation

As at 31 January 2024.


The minimum initial investment for a qualifying investor is $100,000.
Please contact a member of our team for the copy of the Information Memorandum and other necessary forms
Applications should be e-mailed directly to


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Fund Type

Redemption Notice Period

Target Return

Target Distribution Frequency

Fund Rating

Minimum Investment



Master Custodian and Administrator



Mulpha Real Estate Debt Fund


Monthly where the fund is liquid

8-10% per annum (after all fees and expenses but before tax)


Favourable by SQM Research


Mulpha Funds Management Pty Ltd
ABN 67 610 725 918
AFSL 488 493 (‘MFM’)

Mulpha Investment Management PtyLtd
ABN 21 655 283 855
Auth Rep: 001294402 (‘MIM’)

Apex Fund Services Pty Ltd
ACN 118 902 891

Wholesale investors only


Important Information

This website does not constitute financial advice. It is also not comprehensive as it is intended to be an overview only, providing a summary of points usually of interest to investors. Intending investors must obtain a copy of the Fund’s Information Memorandum (IM) and an investment can only be made by completing the application form included in the IM and submitting the completed application to Apex. Intending investors should seek independent financial advice on whether an investment in the Mulpha Real Estate Debt Fund (Fund) is appropriate for them. Investments in the Fund are subject to investment risk, including possible delays in repayment and loss of income or principal invested. Accordingly, the performance, the repayment of capital or any particular rate of return on your investments are not guaranteed by Mulpha. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance.