Mulpha Vendor Data Management Policy


Mulpha is committed to ensuring coordinated and consistent management of its vendors and suppliers’ data as stored and updated within our ERP system.

1.1 Purpose

The purpose of this Vendor Data Management Policy is to provide written guidelines surrounding the protocols of managing new and existing vendor/supplier information, ensuring that Mulpha maintains accurate and complete records. Further, the aim of ensuring the accuracy and completeness of vendor information will allow Mulpha to meet its obligation and ongoing administration functions.

1.2 Scope

This policy applies to all vendor data maintained within Mulpha’s ERP system. Further, the scope of policy and specific process protocols, as maintained by Mulpha’s Finance department apply to all Finance staff within Mulpha’s Australia and Malaysia operations. Furthermore, this policy applies to all vendors and suppliers.

1.3 Policy

1.3.1 New Vendor onboarding

No new vendor will be onboarded into Mulpha’s ERP system without an independent call-back process conducted and documented. Domestic (Australia) vendors are to onboard using the eftSure platform (our contracted vendor certification provider).

1.3.2 Changes to Existing Vendor Data

Any vendor requesting banking details changes to their existing data maintained for the purpose of vendor payment within Mulpha’s ERP system is to send the request to:-

The process of changing banking details will go through the same verification process as new vendor onboarding using the eftSure as denoted in 1.3.1 above. For the purposes of ensuring no fraudulent payments are made, the Company’s position is to default change requests is to go through the same rigor of validating banking details (and other critical information).

1.3.3 Vendor Payment terms

Mulpha default vendor terms are 30 days with an exception for Hospitality vendors with the ability to select 29, 21, 14 and 7 day terms.

1.4 Roles and Responsibilities

1.4.1 Employees

All Finance staff are responsible for following this policy and for working with vendors in a professional and ethical manner.

1.4.2 Management

Management is responsible for ensuring that this policy is implemented and followed. They are also responsible for addressing any issues or concerns that arise in relation to vendor management.

1.5. Policy Review

This policy will be reviewed, as deemed required by Finance leadership, to ensure it remains relevant and effective.