A proven track record of ensuring the returns and valuation of assets are optimised

Mulpha has over 30 years investment experience in Australia with a team of over 40 professionals committed to long-term value creation. With extensive operational, asset and investment management, Mulpha consistently delivers above market performance.

The Group has capabilities specialising in the acquisition, development and management of a range of property and lifestyle investments including hotel and leisure assets, shopping centres, office, education, integrated residential, retail and commercial developments, carparks, winery and vineyard operations.

Real Estate Development

“Our development and delivery capabilities are based on extensive experience in all stages of a project’s life-cycle. With specialist team members in Statutory Planning, Visionary Master-planning & Design Management, Development Management, Project & Construction Management, Marketing & Event management as well as an in-house Sales team, we consistently use our unified strength to out-perform the market and deliver blue-sky value.”

Tim Spencer – Executive General Manager, Development


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Funds Management

“Across our funds management platforms, our team is highly experienced with a broad skill set. The team members have strong track records of intelligent investing and successful execution, deep market connections and embrace a hands-on asset management style to deliver superior risk adjusted returns for our investors.”

Andrew Hall – Head of Real Estate Capital  

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“With 30 years’ experience in the educational sector, the Mulpha Education Group boasts state of the art facilities, staff who are experts in their field and outstanding industry connections. Our most recent graduate survey revealed that 92% of our graduates are in full time relevant employment within six months of graduation and 62% secured full time employment before completing their course. Our courses are amongst the highest ranking worldwide. We truly prepare the next generation leaders for outstanding success.”

Sue Bakir – General Manager, Mulpha Education Group


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Hotels and Hospitality

“The Hotel team possesses extensive operational, asset and investment management experience that has consistently delivered above market performance across a range of property, hotel and leisure asset classes. Unlike many asset managers, Mulpha has specialised industry-specific operational management knowledge at the most senior levels to actively drive restructuring and repositioning initiatives to materially grow profits and asset value. This level of attention by senior executives is rarely available to individual hotels and has been proven to deliver material results.”

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“Our retail and mixed use precincts are engaging destinations for our customers and a compelling offer for visitors from further afield. As long term owners, we provide first in class management so that our retailers enjoy productive trading environments, our tenant mix is tailored to our catchment and our assets are an important part of the communities in which they are located.”

Josh Bush – Leasing Executive, Retail and Office  

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Healthcare and Retirement

“Over the last 25 years, Aveo has been reinventing retirement and dedicated to giving older Australians the best retirement living and care options available. We understand that it’s our people that make the biggest difference, especially when it comes to expertise. Harnessing the knowledge and skills of experts spanning different fields ensures we are on the path to redefine retirement for all Australians.”

Geoff Grady – CEO Aveo  

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Corporate Investment & Private Equity

“Mulpha brings a unique combination of operational experience, management expertise and investment track-record across a range of asset classes, industries and business lifecycles. It is with this backdrop that we seek private equity and venture capital investments where we can make a strategic difference as an investor, and not just being a source of capital. We always look to leverage and provide connectivity across our group to help grow and enhance the outcomes for all stakeholders.”

Josh Bolot – Head of Principal Investments & Corporate Development  

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